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Precast concrete floor systems have been waiting for a revolution. With the new Tindall Superior Lightweight All-Purpose Beam (T-SLAB®), that revolution has finally arrived. Come explore the benefits of this cutting-edge floor system and discover how T-SLAB could reshape your future projects.

What is T-SLAB®?

T-SLAB® is an all-new, patented precast concrete slab system that leverages the time-tested principles of Roman arch design and multiple concrete types to deliver a stronger, lighter, and more versatile slab. This groundbreaking product was designed to deliver all the advantages of concrete and the industry’s most effective building materials in a single, cost-effective, and 100% precast solution.

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T-SLAB offers a wide range of benefits to builders and architects alike, including the flexibility of cast-in-place concrete and improved structural performance compared to hollowcore. Unlike its competition, however, T-SLAB delivers all its benefits with the strength, speed, and performance of precast concrete.

Low Weight, Competitively Priced
  • High strength
  • Low weight
  • Approximately 50% of the total slab volume is lightweight concrete
  • More cost effective to produce, transport, and install
  • Dampen natural frequency
  • Improves vibration
  • Enables up to 75% longer spans
Long Spans
  • Offers fixed-end capability over load-bearing walls or beams thereby increasing load/span capacity
Flexible Geometry
  • High degree of design flexibility
  • Unique shapes and features eliminate the need for cast-in-place
  • Round ends
  • Sharp ends
  • Geometry that fits building modules
  • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing accommodation
  • Integral balconies
Up to 12' Widths
  • Reduces total installation costs
  • Simplifies construction process
  • Fewer crane lifts
  • Fewer visible joints
  • More flexibility for openings
  • Can incorporate steel embeds and block-outs during production
  • Sleeves or embeds for safety rails
  • Bathroom drains
  • Standard/custom steel brackets
  • Extra reinforcement
  • Floor heating systems
  • Can accommodate electric conduits and boxes
  • Projecting reinforcement for in-situ connections
Solid Zones
  • For embed steel plates and related items as may be required
  • Recesses for bath units
  • Full block-outs for HVAC
  • Solid zones with additional reinforcement can accommodate concentrated loads
  • Large holes with added reinforcement
Built in Bathrooms Embed
  • Eliminates installation on top of slabs and expensive floor structures
  • Reduces costs by eliminating in-situ slab coring or drilling
  • Enables faster schedules
Continuous Slabs
  • Reduces crane lifts by as much as 50–67% depending on bay configuration
  • Enables significantly faster installation
  • Reduces installation costs
Dapped Connections
  • Enables reduction in construction height
  • Reduces total structural depth
  • Improves interior/rebuilding possibilities
Balconies and Cantilevering
  • Built-in balcony solutions

How Does T-SLAB® Work?

The T-SLAB is one of the latest examples of Roman building principles at work in the modern age. To produce a T-SLAB, Tindall first creates a series of lightweight concrete blocks, which allow prestressed reinforcement to be placed lengthwise and traditional reinforcement to be placed in the transverse direction. These blocks are then encased by self-compacting concrete, creating strong arches in a series of reinforced ribs. Where needed, the lightweight concrete blocks can be omitted, providing the flexibility to include ducts, built-in installations, and zones of solid concrete with added reinforcement.


When it comes to precast floor systems, T-SLAB is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. Plus, T-SLAB empowers Tindall to easily convert existing designs to total precast. That means customers gain access to endless aesthetic options, a variety of precast finishes, unique architectural designs, and customization opportunities.

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Medium-Rise Buildings

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High-Rise Structures

How Does T-SLAB® Stack Up?

The 100% precast T-SLAB enables fast construction schedules, provides remarkable design flexibility, creates exceptional architectural structures, and outclasses the competition at every turn.

HollowcoreDouble TeesCIPT-SLAB
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Low floor heighttindall check icontindall x icontindall check icontindall check icon orange
Large width and fewer jointstindall x icontindall check icontindall check icontindall check icon orange
Smooth steel form ceiling finishtindall x icontindall x icontindall x icontindall check icon orange
Solid slab with no cores and reduced sound transmissiontindall x icontindall x icontindall check icontindall check icon orange
Solid endstindall x icontindall x icontindall check icontindall check icon orange
Flexible geometry and large openingstindall x icontindall x icontindall check icontindall check icon orange

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